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Lifelong and free upgrade! Jing of G601 of Ai Wei spy explodes 1680 yuan send fo
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G601 of Ai Wei spy serves as navigation of map of 3D of countrywide head money to appeared on the market in September at 7 years, bright map characteristic enters each big It sells caused not little attention. At present company of Beijing Cheng Tong innovation explodes again 1680 yuan when go out price, namely 2008 yuan of eve cruel fall 400 yuan. Proceed of activity of sales promotion of four great gifts, wait-and-see friends clutch! !

G601 of Ai Wei spy is descendent the industry of 07 Korea mainstream designs an element, the front uses tall smooth piano to bake Qi Cai to pledge, exquisite light feels. The CPU of G601 of Ai Wei spy uses Korea brand-new the AILAS Ⅱ _TF BGA324 of development, provide operating system of international mainstream Window Ce.net4.2, better buildup systematic stability. Memory respect 64MB SDRAM(32MB*2) , 32MB shines put, the first heavy sales promotion is at present good ceremony namely inside give 4G to store card, the memory that can satisfy you completely needs.

The Aiviter G601 with this additionally outstanding performance still supports image to browse and show of news of image of MP3, MP4, driving enjoyment fast qualitative picture and effect of high grade sound also can yet be regarded as a kind of satisfied life. The setting of international time also can be offerred to often pour the personage of high-end business affairs of time difference convenient. Interface of 7 mandarin character, navigation of Sino-British and bilingual whole journey, 8 kinds search means.

The question with the difficult to map class user that using GPS at present has experience greatly for certain, upgrade to want every time more or less on the flower certain expenses. As we have learned, cheng Tong company put forward “ this lifelong and free upgrade, the concept of ” of lifelong cost maintenance, absolved an user to buy all trouble back at home after machine. Activity of whole sales promotion enters next “1680 yuan four great gifts are rolled out to pass on a client on the foundation, every buys the user of G601 during this. 1, inside give 4G to store card; 2, deserve to send the 4 cultivate land that include Lu Xian inside the plan randomly; 3, lifelong and free upgrade; 4, maintenance of lifelong cost price.

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