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Dry,crisp air of autumn a travel is busy exceed portable GPS perfect - of your l
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Going out in the morning is to pound really vacate an autumn outfit, difference in temperature is bigger and bigger, everybody must notice good heat preservation, prevent a cold. Look up the sky that sees azure blue, experiencing intense but not hot and dry sunshine, the mood is free from worry very. Dry,crisp air of autumn weather came, it is mid-autumn immediately small long holiday, why don't the friends that arrange without the program temporarily try short distance to travel? When going out, must not forget to take GPS of Ai Wei spy, exceed portable design, overall map data, will bring a perfect holiday for you.

The design of GPS of Ai Wei spy takes temperamental course all along, GD608 is to reach elegant vogue more at a suit. Underline towing tie thin, delicate. Wide screen cooperates the brim with smooth dainty, the radian of streamline, hale and do not break only beautiful. Be less than the ply of 1.8CM, the size like the palm. The user that travels to going out, it is to facilitate more you are informal it in park random pocket, do not show encumbrance. On the design, aiweite (Aiviter) GD608 is intended the operation pushbutton setting is in flank airframe, companion is designed as airframe concave and convex order is arranged, not only cooperated integral style, also make pushbutton and airframe perfect union.

For the user that swims to be being driven oneself, GD608 of Ai Wei spy outside the characteristic besides convenient zone, the biggest characteristic is the function key that human nature changes is used. GD608 of Ai Wei spy mixes mobile TV function first in home GPS is perfect union, when admiring mobile number TV, should point to gently in current interface only a bit, eyeshot of accessibility full screen. In the meantime, when Quan Bingxin is admired, dub interface controls two side can self-adjusting sound size; Below two side can change on channel.

Regard professional GPS as the product, the navigation function of GD608 of Ai Wei spy is more powerful, after upgrading the 3rd times, share 1840 city / 2373 county, areas, POI (name, category, longitude, latitudinal) data 5407000, road course of development 1930000 kilometers. Powerful map data resource, the use of completely enough user. Believe to GD608 of Ai Wei spy is in beside, you will overshoot a perfect and contented holiday.