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Send moon cake to provide intention gift most no longer mid-autumn GPS guides bu
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Have the habit of a folk-custom that moon cake is a countryman mid-autumn. Every arrive mid-autumn, people goes close to visit friend to communicate good blessing inevitable should serve a few moon cake. The Mid-autumn Festival passes, the moon cake in a lot of other people " overrun " , if eating, not only wasteful and still very not environmental protection. Especially to a few important clients, trifling a moon cake also appears very insufficient class, so what gift does the Mid-autumn Festival send to already intention shows class again?

Begin this year, the Mid-autumn Festival was gifted 3 days of holiday, 7 days of golden weeks that increase the National Day also leave not quite far, god-given long holiday adds Jin Jiuyin the fine day of 10 is angry, a lot of person was made draw plan of go on a journey oneself, if you are sticking a person's mind to serve a GPS at this moment, intentional meaning does not say, very practical still, and GPS has class very much, send out also have outer part very much. The high grade GPS that the author recommends two to be aimed at different crowd here gives want to consulted as the person of gift with this.

   Long rainbow navigate person GPS321

  Suit to give a throng: Lover, friend

Long rainbow navigate person GPS321 is manufacturer long rainbow a vogue that beautiful China company measures a body to make for fashionable and young gens only is tasted newly, modelling extremely individual character is artistic, belong to a person to see the person loves a kind, send a friend absolutely welcome. And long rainbow navigate person GPS321 has distinctive black, white two kinds of flowery colour, if lover both sides has the word of the car to be able to purchase two kinds of facial expression respectively even, pink sends cummer, black leaves him, make GPS321 becomes occasion of a pair of sweethearts, while two people are being used severally times more certain feeling nest heart.

Long rainbow navigate person GPS321 uses screen of liquid crystal of type of 3.5 inches of feeling, use acting processor of palm small Atlas3, the Gao Min that carried the main current spends chip of navigation of SIRFSTAR3 acting GPS, search star is fast, location is exact; Inside buy is practical electronic dog function, electron of record of user of OK and effective help is photographed resemble remind an user head, in time to notice speed and decreasing punish sheet; Use map of latest edition whole nation, inside map of buy HongKong and Macow, can offer a lot of services to support with the friend that to want to go HongKong and Macow travels. Have the information place such as tourist attraction of meal, bazaar, hotel, travel, can offer more advantage to drive the friend of a travel oneself. Inside the itinerary solution divert oneself from boredom that function of the electronic book of buy, MP3MP4 still can feel dull.
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