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The person that suited to give pilot of travel long rainbow in September fall is
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Fall in September, dry,crisp air of autumn, weather is delightful, it is the good time of a go on a journey. Add the middle ten days of a month had in September mid-autumn 3 Tian Xiaochang holidays, the golden week that there is National Day 7 days again at the beginning of October, many " the ass is friendly " the plan that already had made a travel early. Of course, also a lot of people chose urban periphery to be driven oneself swim, 35 friends arrive together CS of Qiu You of outskirts of a city, picked, true person, climb climb, it is perfectly good idea.

What nevertheless need reminds is, urban periphery is driven oneself swim the place that had better want to choose an everybody to be familiar with quite, compare safety so, 2 if happen,will break out a circumstance, the place that needs to look for and so on of car gas station, hospital, cafeteria is easier. Nevertheless, familiar place can do not have new move, if everybody wants to play more to one's heart's contently, piece travel is more convenient, you have a GPS to become with respect to need " guide " . If you are having the plan that purchases GPS, the author recommends two to give the high grade GPS of travel to consult in order to offer aptly to you here.

Long rainbow navigate person GPS321

Long rainbow navigate person make public of GPS321 individual character, use a variety of bright Li Yan's lubricious case, figure a rope for towing a boat is small, it is manufacturer long rainbow beautiful China company measures a when make personally to be tasted newly for fashionable and young gens only. The product uses screen of liquid crystal of type of 3.5 inches of feeling, use acting processor of palm small Atlas3, the Gao Min that carried the main current spends chip of navigation of SIRFSTAR3 acting GPS, search star is fast, location is exact; Inside buy is practical electronic dog function, electron of record of user of OK and effective help is photographed resemble remind an user head, in time to notice speed and decreasing punish sheet; Use map of latest edition whole nation, inside map of buy HongKong and Macow, can offer a lot of services to support with the friend that to want to go HongKong and Macow travels. Have the information place such as tourist attraction of meal, bazaar, hotel, travel, can offer more advantage to drive the friend of a travel oneself. Inside the itinerary solution divert oneself from boredom that function of the electronic book of buy, MP3MP4 still can feel dull.

Long rainbow navigate person GPS610

Long rainbow navigate person the whole of GPS610 grey black is tonal, give a person with composed atmospheric intuitionistic impression. Integral airframe feels a design to make its have contemporary and fashionable feeling more without key-press, suit personage of white-collar, business affairs to use especially. In hardware respect, long rainbow navigate person GPS610 used Motolora chip processor and M-tar navigation module, can track satellite of 20 fixed position at the same time. The TurboRFReceiver technology with the exclusive buy inside its, the essence of the speed that assured its search star thereby and fixed position allows a gender. Software side, long rainbow navigate person GPS610 uses newest way way to connect a map, the map arrives in detail city, town, countryside, the arrival that makes you more convenient and quick destination. Have substantial interest to nod information, include dot of mechanism, enterprise, Party school, travel, bank, hotel, bazaar, hospital, gas station, even public toilet everything needed is ready. Also not be afraid of again in the process of journey encounter all sorts of accidents. On add function besides book of MP3/MP4, electron, more increased two little game to be everybody a few pleasure add when idle will do not have a thing.
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