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Passing two days again is mid-autumn, this traditional festival this year has 3 days of off time. Originally mid-autumn is the festival of a family reunion, regrettablly our job is outer because time is limited,cannot come home to reunite with family however. It is with its in the home family of together of thoughts or recollections flashing across one's mind, longing, be inferior to spending this god-given red-letter day jointly with the friend. Then friends offer to be in this dry,crisp air of autumn good weather, organize Beijing north the first prairie (common weighs the prairie on dam) swim two days, can fall in blue sky white cloud equestrian have a good swim prairie, sample bake complete sheep and experience prairie bonfire card of prairie green to pull OK, the most important is get together with friends was in admire monthly in all together mid-autumn.

Beijing north the first prairie, it is to be apart from the natural prairie with the closest capital, north of friend name Beijing the first prairie. Be located in on downy dam, average height above sea level 1487 meters, prairie gross area amounts to 350 square kilometer. Be located in bear peace of heart city abundant is Manchu ministry of autonomous county northwest, beijing about 285 kilometers are apart from south, this journey means swims to be driven oneself, because journey is more distant, we had made following preparation ahead of schedule, in order to have untimely needs:

Certificate and card:

Receipt of cost of card of Id, driver's license, travel, maintain a road, credit card (right amount cash, enough pocket money) .

Articles for daily use:

1. clothings: Dam is windward big, difference in temperature of morning and evening is big, want to take some of clothing and other articles of daily use more so.

2. because prairie sunshine relatively bask in, place aether in relief lens, cap, prevent basking in frost is indispensable.

The daily staple such as the 3. rain gear, appliance that wash gargle, food, medicines and chemical reagents, mobile phone, interphone.

Long rainbow navigate person GPS610Graph library Evaluation Forum Quote

Navigation tool:

Drive a travel oneself, to prevent situation of danger of occurrence inner ear, carrying a piece of map is the most important. Go out this nevertheless row, we did not carry a map, took a more advanced than the map, safer navigational aid, that is GPS navigator, it is OK whole journey helps us locate, search destination.

It is everybody this the leading role of navigation is long rainbow navigate person GPS610, it is navigator of a professional GPS, used Motolora chip processor and M-tar navigation module, can track satellite of 20 fixed position at the same time, search star is fast, location is exact. Use newest way way to connect a map, road network is enclothed wider, map information is complete, cover meal, accommodation, bank, gas station, parking lot to wait numerous the economic news place that we may need, can be us thereby this go on a journey searchs the information that eats and drink to go to offer very big convenient.
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