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Navigate of opening long rainbow of international car exposition person GPS is m
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International car exposition pulled open heavy curtain formally in Suzhou international exhibition center on September 11, this second extend meeting by a definite date 5 days, before having firm of articles for use of numerous car, automobile, will join exhibit. Advocate " everything is a center with the demand of consumer and experience, let consumer experience career of life of a kind of pilot, navigate, the joy that nowhere is absent experiences navigate " long rainbow navigate person in also participating in its. This second ginseng exhibits an activity is guided by Suzhou limited company of science and technology attends on behalf of long rainbow newly, showpiece of the person that item on display basically includes long rainbow pilot taste newly recently reach classical product.

Among them long rainbow navigate person the near future advocate dozen taste newly include:

GPS610 of the person that ply is the long rainbow navigate of 15.3mm only, this product broke through the figure of the traditional massiness GPS on market, pounding the person's eyeball with brand-new ultrathin concept. Used Motolora chip processor and M-tar navigation module, inside the TurboRFReceiver technology with exclusive buy, the essence of the speed that assured its search star thereby and fixed position allows a gender. The product is additional at the same time the recreational function such as book of MP3/MP4, electron, game, make long rainbow navigate person the professional GPS navigator that GPS610 becomes navigation of major of a collect and recreation to be an organic whole.

Navigate of long rainbow of dazzle colour shelly person GPS321. This product uses two kinds to shine beautiful colour, black is mysterious and elegant, pink is bright and lovely, make personally for MM quantity only. On the GPS market that does not highlight in this product that makes for the female only, long rainbow navigate person the occurrence of GPS321 pink version, undoubted more suffer MM people favor.

Last long make classically:

Long rainbow navigate person GPS410, it is to be had the honor to win exclusively " Europe reviews object lesson 5 stars " the product of special honour. The product uses 4.3 inches tall bright big screen, have function of dog of function of TurboRF patent technology, professional navigation, practical electron.

Long rainbow navigate person GPS430, those who use is advocate the SamSung processor that frequency is 400MHz. Inside the operating system of buy WindowsCE.Net5.0CoreVersion, can connect with blue tooth, convenient dial phone, belt the practical function such as electronic book.

From exhibit meeting in light of the circumstance that day, long rainbow navigate person GPS exhibits an area or suffer quite ginseng exhibit audience gay, have a lot of consumer and have a fever friend comes round to watch, product of GPS of the person that experience long rainbow navigate. The pleasure that gives the navigate that everybody brings the life to can let GPS of the person that consumer experiences long rainbow navigate at the same time experiences, sell special offer this in product of GPS of the person that exhibit the navigate of all long rainbow that exhibits on the meeting, long rainbow navigate person the date that exhibit an area is L025, if the friend of need can take the advantage of small mid-autumn golden week to arrive,exhibit go turning in the meeting, also can undertake phone detailed ask, contact: Week manager, advisory phone: 13862028865.
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