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Long rainbow navigate person GPS610 is made calabash island drives the tourist g
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Mobile setting: Profit from is lunar in August 15 traditional mid-autumn festivals of 3 days of small golden weeks execute, we plan to cast working trouble, those who cast a city is blatant, draw play of the county in going to city of island of Liaoning province calabash peacefuling oneself, classics friend is recommended, there is extensive of great capacity not only over there, still have pretty good farmhouse courtyard, it is a good place that go vacationing;

Mobile purpose: Eat, play, live, all right, swim, 5 an organic whole are driven oneself mid-autumn swim;

Timeline: Accept restriction of only even numbers, odd numbers (13) walk along odd numbers (15) time, just holiday of 3 days;

Give the preparation before travel: Check good car (add enough oil) , carry good certificate (Id, drive to wait originally) , navigator of water, snacks, camera, mobile phone, GPS, interphone, and charge accordingly equipment;

Other preparation works: Search useful information from the network: Road of Beijing Shenyang high speed rests mediumly station / gas station, and jewels of all sorts of go on a journey on the network / strategy, learn carefully, so that go more successful, play more Shu Xin;

Take the place: Via a when the friend recommends strongly pretty good seaside farmhouse courtyard, low-cost substantial still. Accommodation only 20 yuan / person, indoor all sorts of must live establishment is pretty good still, the friend that likes to eat seafood but overflow, allegedly here is piscatorial home of place, it is quite cheap to eat seafood;

Our team: Because the person compared many our altogether to dispatch car of 3 family expenses, such interphone had greatest help effect in the process that we advance. We two cars are in Beijing after island of annulus of battalion of door of stone of area of door head channel meets, go interviewing another car that parks in all directions bridge next, it is place setting out with all directions bridge next, set out towards the county in peacefuling.

Long rainbow navigate person GPS610Graph library Evaluation Forum Quote

Because this journey is further, it is to cross a province to be driven oneself swim, 3 drivers had not gone, what an among them driver thinks is very considerate, the GPS navigator that took him -- long rainbow navigate person GPS610, just know to be on new way later, stage GPS is your navigation is how cozy job. In long rainbow navigate person name of courtyard of farmhouse of the input in GPS610 " rustic fishing home " , did not find destination, the likelihood is this farmhouse courtyard builds before long reason! We give by the friend later " rustic fishing home " the mark sex position in calling card " before " undertake searching, although this second navigation is the navigation that cross a province, but the program rate of GPS610 is very rapid still, do not use time to plan to give a way only, let high speed of Shenyang of the Beijing on us walk along 205 countries to again first, this goes up in Baidu with us the way of search is basic and same, there was a background more in the heart.
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