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Understand the sort of GPS product from professional point of view
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The GPS receiver that notebook computer uses has 3 kinds of interface such as blue tooth, CF(CompactFlash) , USB, cooperate what PDA uses to still have SDIO interface. These GPS did not display screen, cannot use independently, through brigadier of NMEA agreement mark fixed position information supplies computational equipment. These manufacturer that are not independent type GPS are burgeoning electronic equipment manufacturer mostly, very much famous manufacturer comes from Chinese Taiwan province, if grow day science and technology (science and technology of Holux) , beautiful stage (LeadTek) .


The GPS receiver of USB interface also is called GPSMouse, the price is the cheapest. GPSMouse mixes GPS module, antenna string together a mouth / chip of USB mouth changeover is compositive together, through the wire cable of 1.5m of a paragraph of 1 ~ join arrives the USB mouth of notebook computer. USB interface can pass information of GPS fixed position already, OK also to GPS module power supply. GPSMouse suits navigation of notebook computer traffic very much, but when suiting to walk, use. When car navigation, GPSMouse can put a car outside adsorptive go up to roof, utmost ground receives GPS signal (high grade automobile glass contains metallic part in order to keep out ultraviolet ray, can reduce) of GPS signal intensity.

Careful reader perhaps notices from inside the introduction in front, there is to string together a mouth in GPSMouse / USB mouth changes chip, this is not ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous, design GPS module into USB interface to not be over directly? The design origin of ” of ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous of this one “ depends on NMEA-0183 of agreement of GPS data interface, the data interface definition of this one agreement GPS is the serial data bus line of 4800bps. The electronic map software of great majority is read through NMEAV2.0 above standard take string of GPS news on the mouth. If GPS designs USB mouth directly, can have compatibility problem, and through stringing together a mouth / USB mouth changes chip, install driver again on computational equipment, OK an USB mouth imitate is bunchy mouth, compatibility is first-rate. In fact, the GPS receiver of CF mouth and blue tooth also wants imitate bunchy mouth, ability is identified by electronic map software.

Besides agreement of NMEA data interface, most famous is the special Garmin agreement of Garmin company GPS. Him Garmin map software supports Garmin agreement only, additionally GoogleEarthPro/Plus and OziExplorer also support Garmin agreement at present.

3.CF mouth GPS

CF mouth GPS basically is designed for PDA, nevertheless present PDA does smaller more, had abandoned CF mouth gradually and convert SD mouth. CF mouth receives card to be able to receive the PCMCIA interface of notebook computer through turning, because do not have wire cable to join, use rise more more convenient than USB interface, main body uses the dominant position on foot now in. When the car uses navigation, CF mouth GPS is OK the character that aerial receives to realize GPSMouse to be put neatly outside passing (receive in order to receive through putting aerial to proper place enough) of strong GPS satellite signal. Of course, the price of CF mouth GPS also slightly tall, be in commonly 500 ~ 600 yuan.
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