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GPS system is comprised
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GPS system includes 3 much: Dimensional part —GPS defends astral constellation; The ground controls supervisory system of partial — ground; Receiver of signal of —GPS of user facilities part.
1, GPS satellite constellation
By 21 working satellite mixes 3 to reserve in course constellation of satellite of satellitic composition GPS, write down (21 3) GPS constellation. 24 satellites distributing equably inside 6 orbit plane, orbit dip is 55 degrees, between each orbit plane apart 60 degrees, namely orbital rises nodical right ascension to differ each 60 degrees. Litre of angle of cut between each satellite inside every orbit plane be apart from differ 90 degrees, the satellite on one orbit plane is compared in the west the corresponding satellite lead on plane of photograph adjacent orbit 30 degrees.
In the GPS satellite of headroom of 20 thousand kilometers, local ball is right for star when rotation a week, they circle the earth to run 2 weeks, when the time that winds earthly a week namely is 12 star. Such, to ground observer, will shift to an earlier date 4 minutes to see everyday same a GPS satellite. The satellite that is located in horizontal above what number nods as time and ground is different and different, go to 4 it is thus clear that the least, go to 11 it is thus clear that at most. When locating with GPS signal navigation, measure the three-dimensional coordinate of the station for settle accounts, must observation 4 GPS satellite, call fixed position constellation. These 4 satellites distributing to have certain effect to fixed position precision in the geometrical position in observation process. To somewhere some time, cannot measure accurately even nod a coordinate, this kind of time paragraph call “ clearance paragraph ” . But space of this kind of time paragraph it is very brief, the round-the-clock, high accuracy that does not affect place of global great majority, successive real time navigation fixed position is measured. The number of GPS job satellite and test satellite are basic and identical.
2, ground supervisory system
To navigation fixed position, GPS satellite is one trends known drop. The parameter that the — of astral all previous that blasts off according to the satellite describes satellitic motion and its orbital calculates astral position. The astral all previous that place of every GPS satellite broadcasts, offer by ground supervisory system. Whether do all sorts of equipment on the satellite work normally, and satellite whether all the time along book orbit to move, want to be undertaken monitor and be controllinged by ground facilities. Ground supervisory system another main effect is to maintain each satellite to be in system of time of —GPS of same time level. This monitors the time of each satellite with respect to need earth station, beg difference giving a clock. Send a satellite by ground infuse station next, the satellite distributes an user equipment by navigation text again. The ground supervisory system of GPS job satellite includes advocate accuse 3 station, infuse to stand to monitor a station with 5.
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