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GPS signal structure reachs satellitic star one by one
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Structure of signal of 1 , GPS
By code of carrier wave, range finding and navigation text 3 parts constitute the signal that GPS satellite transmits. Graph 1 form a plan for satellitic signal.

Carrier wave is to point to but the wave of high frequency oscillation of locomotive modulation signal. The carrier wave that GPS satellite place uses has two. Because they all are located in the L wave band of microwave, reason calls L1 carrier wave and L2 carrier wave respectively. Among them the times frequency of fiducial frequency F0=10.23MHz that L1 carrier wave is the generation of atomic clock place that goes up by the satellite 154 times hind form, namely F1=154*f0=1575.42MHz, its wavelengh λ1 is 19.03cm. L2 carrier wave is times frequency of fiducial frequency F0 120 hind those who form, namely F2=120*f0=1227.60MHz, its wavelengh λ2 is 24.42cm. The end that uses two frequency is for more perfect ground eliminate ionosphere defer. The end that uses tall frequency carrier wave is to determine accurately much general straps frequency to move, rise thereby measure fast precision; Reduce the ionosphere delay of signal, because ionosphere defer is,become inverse ratio with the square of signal frequency F.

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