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GPS locates the technology applies mediumly in space technology
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1. uses way

(1) navigation fixed position is told commonly, if distinguish navigation and fixed position photograph, its precision requirement is relatively a few more inferior.

(Carrier wave of application of fixed position of static state of 2) high accuracy is phasic measure a technology, determine relative position precision can amount to 10-7 ~ 10-8 between 2 o'clock.

(Trends of 3) high accuracy locates GPS trends locates, have much surprise of user diversity, speed, fixed position when real time, data is short, precision is changeful wait for a characteristic. Locate GPS trends cent is 3 class commonly, in order to satisfy different requirement:

Trends of · low precision locates, fixed position precision 100 meters, measure fast precision 1 meter / second;
Trends of the precision in · locates, fixed position precision 5 ~ 10 meters, measure fast precision 0.1 meters / second;
Trends of · high accuracy locates, fixed position precision 0.1 ~ 0.5 meters, measure fast precision 0.01 meters / second.

(When GPS of 4) accurate time service with harmonious universal time be synchronism, because this GPS is the system of global time service with current top precision, with Yu Yuan space time synchronism can amount to precision of accept second class, have facility simple, whole world is enclothed, round-the-clock characteristic.

(5) aircraft attitude is measured in aero install much more deputy antenna locally appropriately, determine with GPS the exact position of each antenna, can define aero attitude thereby.

(6)GPS and other system are combined

·GPS is the same as inertial navigation system (short-term accuracy of the long-term accuracy that INS) combination GPS locates and INS and autonomy photograph union are a kind of ideal combination navigation system.
The system of global navigation satellite of the Russia before ·GPS and GLONASS() the restriction that assorted system can not accept some satellite system, raise use dependability.

2. uses give an example

(1)GPS launchs position in missile motor-driven fast fixed position, directional medium application saves him to achieve effective in prospective war land truly, attack the enemy well and truly again at the same time, the motor-driven of executive missile weapon blasts off to already made the trend of a development that missile fights. The motor-driven of executive missile blasts off, from safeguard for the respect, a problem that should solve above all is the fast location that transmits position namely, directional, the rate that the discretion of the speed of its fixed position, directional speed and precision will affect missile motor-driven to blast off directly and hit the target the effect of the target.
Current, seeking fast, high accuracy is a when GPS technology studies important way, had had a lot of mature experience, technology. The fast fixed position that uses GPS to measure a technology to undertake emissive position, directional have precision tall, equipment simple, time is short and unlimited characteristic, already made a kind of instrument that replaces groovy safeguard method extremely likely.
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