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Encyclopedia of knowledge of navigation of GPS satellite fixed position
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GPS generality:
Namely global location system (GlobalPositioningSystem) . Say simply, this is a satellitic system that forms by 24 satellites that cover the whole world. This system can assure to be in aleatoric hour, the random on the earth is OK at the same time observation arrives 4 satellites, in order to make sure the satellite can collect the longitude and latitude that to this observation nods and height, so that realize the function such as navigation, fixed position, time service. This technology can be used guide plane, shipping, car and individual, the well and truly course along make choice of, punctual reach destination.

Global location system (GPS) is 20 centuries the system of location of navigation of satellite of new generation space that 70 time combine development by empty three armed services of American land sea. Its are main the purpose is for land, sea, sky 3 big fields are offerred real time, round-the-clock serve with global navigation, use at data gathering, nucleus to explode monitor and the end of a few wars such as lash-up communication, it is the important composition of strategy of whole world of American dominate exclusively. Through the research experimentation of 20 one's remaining years, cost 30 billion dollar, to March 1994, the whole world is enclothed lead the constellation of 24 GPS satellite that is as high as 98% personal cloth is set finish.

Satellite of GPS whole world locates the system is comprised by 3 parts: Constellation of dimensional part ———GPS; The ground controls supervisory system of partial ——— ground; Receiver of signal of ———GPS of user facilities part.

Technology of GPS fixed position is had high accuracy, efficient the advantage with low cost, make its measure those who control a network to strengthen in of all kinds earth transform and build and be measured in highway project and of large and tectonic content was out of shape relatively wide application receives in measuring.

GPS predecessor:

For this, lab of American navy research (NRL) put forward what the name is Tinmation to use the 12 whole worlds that form 10000km height to 18 satellites to locate the net plans, and at 67 years, launched satellite of a test 69 years each with 74 years, in the trial test on these satellites the system when atomic Zhong Ji, this is the foundation that GPS system locates accurately. And air force put forward 621-B with every asterism 4 form the 3 plans to 4 asterism to 5 satellites, use what cycle is 24h of the others outside synchronous track is being used except 1 in these satellites to tilt orbit should plan to be piled up with pseudo-random (PRN) transmits signal of satellitic range finding for the foundation, its powerful function, when signal density also can detect its when the 1 % under environmental noise come out. The success that pseudo-random piles up is applied is a when GPS system is able to gain a success main base. Naval plans to basically be used at offerring the 2 dimension fixed position of low trends for ship vessel, the plan of air force can serve for offerring tall trends, however the system is too complex. Because develop two systems to be able to cause huge cost at the same time and here plans twice is to offer what the whole world locates and design, so 1973 American department of defense will 2 person close 2 for one, the satellitic navigation fixed position that takes the lead by the department of defense combines plan bureau (JPO) leader, still will handle affairs the orgnaization creates the office of air force spaceflight in los angeles. This orgnaization member is numerous, include bureau of cartography of American army, naval, Marine Corps, the Ministry of Communication, national defence, north to make an appointment with the delegate with Australia.
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