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GSM/GPS car carries the process designing method that Chinese of the LCD in the
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GPS car attempers the system is GPS(G1obalPosltlomngSystem) of system of location of applied whole world, be based on GSM mobile network, the means that corresponds through short message has fixed position to the car inside the net, dog and the superintendency system of monitoring.

Current, in a lot of industries (be like public security, public transportation wait with the bank) in, GPS car attempers the system has gained ground quite, GPS car attempers the one big popular task that relevant research of the system also makes industry. The method of a kind of encode that article LCD Chinese demonstrates is the method that when the author is designing GPS car to hold terminal communication system, uses.

Of 1 problem put forward

Terminal of car of a GPS basically includes the following shares on hardware:

GPS receives module, the signal of GPS fixed position that is used at receiving GPS satellite to be sent.
GSM communication module, use at realizing the wireless communication of terminal module and monitoring center.
Central control is unit, receive to signal, short message communication and interactive wait for the job to undertake controlling.
Clavier, indication unit, use at interactive, the command of indication monitoring center.

In the development process of system of GPS car terminal, stem from the integrated consideration of systematic function and product cost, most architect can choose the LCD liquid crystal display of a cheap, low end. Because GSM is short message encode means and common LCD monitor are incompatible, a lot of GPS cars carry terminal not to support the indication of Chinese information, this is the difficulty of a technology in the design.

GSM short information receives / hair with PDU mode normally, what below this kind of mode module receives is character of code of a string of Unicode. Unicode code integrates a code namely. It is a kind of character encode means that uses on the computer. Its every character set for different language unified and exclusive binary encode, step the language, demand that steps platform to undertake text changeover and processing in order to satisfy. For example, send “ to GPS car terminal when monitoring center fast time central ” attempers so when information, terminal will receive Unicode string “0698E6981E1806FE” .

But at present most LCD monitor does not support this kind of encode, want to show this information on terminal, must change its the GB code that supports for LCD, namely string “CBD9BBD8D6D0DOC4” .

Want to have a kind of such transition, in there are two kinds of methods below the circumstance normally:

① finds out the operation relation of means of these two kinds of encode, have transition through formula;

② builds Unicode and GB respectively two pieces of stopwatch, have transition through examining the way of the watch. But because Unicode and GB are the encode means of two kinds of mutual independence, there are any connections between them, operation relation is have no way more mention, because the first kind of method is,won't do. And to the 2nd kind of method, from theoretic telling is completely feasible, and the function that adopts advanced language on the PC is called can come true; But very finite to memory sheet piece for machine, should building two pieces of so giant stopwatch is inconceivable apparently. Although lick,increased memory, had enough storage space, of stopwatch type and correspondence is a trival job as much. Accordingly, a kind practical, the design plan that can implement Chinese to show appears particularly important.
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