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GPS technology received wide application in the development of ITS
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In the development of national ITS the target of the strategy and industrialization direction falls, GPS technology gets wide application and development in the development of ITS. 43 kinds of users in frame of system of our country ITS have a few kinds of 20 need to know the real time place of car in the service, carry out monitoring thereby, attemper, the function such as navigation. GPS applies mediumly in ITS, connect closely with map of terminal of navigation of wireless mobile technology, intelligence, electron.

Wireless mobile technology: Current, enclothe extensively to obtain limits and reduce a system to throw cost, GPS system uses mature communal mobile net generally to regard communication as the passageway. The communication network with current GPS more advanced practicable is GPRS net and CDMA1X. The transmission speed theory that is based on GPRS net can achieve 100kbps above, and the CDMA1X network that opens formally 2003, because used the technology such as control of forward and demodulation of retrorse be concerned with, fast power, academic bandwidth can amount to 300kb/s, at present actual application bandwidth is controlled in 100kb/s (two-way semmetry is transmitted) , GPRS of transmission rate prep above, can offer more in high rate business. China number, installed the company such as Hua Beidou, Ao Xing to already was rolled out recently be based on CDMA1X the ITS system of wireless communication means, support information of fixed position of car of real time GPS, monitoring, drive a vehicle to collect (if speed of car ID, car, fixed position chooses longitude and latitude, way,wait) . In the future, transfer to 3G network as the CDMA1X/GPRS of 2.5G, spectrum efficiency is taller and taller, supportive rate also will taller and taller, increase the hundreds of Kbps of 3G initial stage, increase to 3G again model a few Mbps, increase further in 3G next model a few to about a hundred Mbps, arrive again the about a hundred Mbps-1Gbps that exceeds 3G(B3G) , GPS general can realize more video new business.

Intelligent navigation terminal: In the developed country, it is already special and mature that the car carries navigation. It is the whole world is banner that Japanese car carries navigation to develop, the new car that exceeds 80% at present carries navigation of the car, accessary the electronic map that covers the throughout the country. Peculiar accurate 3G is wireless communication network makes drive the person can realize a broadband to get online on board, such Japan had realized the road information of almost whole town to be released in real time. As a result of tremendous market potential and inestimable development foreground, japan almost all car production manufacturer played enter into rivalry of this one high-tech, be like grand amount to, below this Ni Sang, cropland, Ma Zida, 3 water chestnut and pine, pioneer, Aerpa, be good at five the car that waits for a company to already developed his carries navigation product. World other developed country unwillings to lag behind like the United States, Germany, Holand, be in the United States, former plant provides navigational aid on high-grade car, intermediate the user of the model can choose installation of the proper motion after install or buying a car, accessary electronic map can cover area of whole North America and European Union area. Be in Europe, the car that develops by flying benefit riverside, Xi Menzi carries navigation system to already waited for in a popular style in Reynolds, Feiyate 1995 use on civil car.
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