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Give the GPS below everybody introduction the characteristic of location navigat
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1, fixed position precision is tall

Applied practice has proved, GPS can amount to 10-6 in 50KM less than relative to fixed position precision, 100-500KM can amount to 10-7, 1000KM can amount to 10-9. In fixed position of 300-1500M project nicety, its plane position error is less than the Jie Jiping face of observation of 1 hour of above 1mm, determine the side is longly to compare with range finder of ME-5000 electromagnetic wave, grow by the side of its poorer most greatly 0.5mm, the error in school difference is 0.3mm.

2, observation time is short

As GPS system ceaseless and perfect, of software update ceaselessly, current, 20KM less than locates relative to the static state, need 15-20 only minute; When swift static state is measured relative to fixed position, when every station of going from place to place and fiducial station apart are when 15KM less than, time of observation of station of going from place to place needs 1-2 only minute, can locate at any time next, every station observation needs a few seconds only.

3, measure need not connect between the station inspect

GPS is measured do not ask to measure connect each other between the station inspect, need to in the sky measure a station to widen only can, because this can save the many cost that make bid. Because need not be connected between the dot,inspect, choose a place but according to need, but rare but close, make terribly of the job that select a site agile, also but classical earth net passes leave out mediumly calculate a dot, transfer the measurement of the dot works.

4, can offer three-dimensional coordinate

Classical earth is measured apply plane and tall Cheng Cai respectively with different method measure. GPS can determine accurately at the same time the three-dimensional coordinate that surveys a site. At present GPS level can satisfy the 4 precision that wait for leveling.

5, the operation is handy

Improve ceaselessly as GPS receiver, automation rate is higher and higher, some already amounted to “ goofy the rate that changes ” ; The volume of receiver is minorrer and minorrer, weight is lighter and lighter, reduce the working strain rate that surveys worker and labor intensity greatly. Make fieldwork becomes relaxed and happy.

6, round-the-clock work

At present GPS observation can be in any time inside undertake, do not get overcast night, remove mist to blow, rain snow the influence that waits for climate.

7, function much, application is wide

GPS system can be used at measuring not only, navigation, still can use at measuring fast, when measuring. Measure fast precision can amount to 0.1M/S, the precision when measuring can amount to a few nanosecond. Its apply a domain to expand ceaselessly. The applied foreground of GPS system at the outset, the main purpose that designs GPS system is to be used at navigation, collect the martial end such as information. But, the application development later makes clear, GPS system can achieve afore-mentioned goals not only, and the signal of navigation fixed position that comes with GPS satellite hair can have centimeter of class even the static state of millimeter class precision locates relatively, rice step comes inferior the dynamic fixed position of rice class precision, inferior rice step comes the speed of centimeter of class precision
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