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The characteristic knowledge of DGPS principle and GPS system introduces
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DGPS principle

The fixed position precision that at present GPS system offers is excel 10 meters, and to get taller fixed position precision, we use technology of the GPS that need branch normally: Find a place for receiver of a GPS observation has on fiducial station. According to fiducial station foregone and accurate coordinate, computation gives fiducial station to correct number to satellitic distance, go out this according to sending in real time by fiducial station. While user receiver is having GPS observation, also receive what give out to fiducial station to correct number, locate to its the result undertakes amendatory, raise fixed position precision thereby.

Cent of the GPS that need branch is two kinds big: Bogus spurs poor cent and carrier wave phasic difference is divided

1. Bogus is apart from the principle that need branch

This is the one differentia cent with the widest application. On fiducial station, observation is all satellite, according to fiducial station foregone coordinate is mixed the coordinate of each satellite, seek a true space that every carve every satellite to fiducial station temporarily. Be apart from with measures bogus again quite, reach bogus is apart from correct number, transmit its to user receiver, raise fixed position precision.

This differentia is divided, can get precision of rice class fixed position, like the “ beacon that uses extensively littoral difference divides ”

2. Carrier wave is phasic the principle that need branch

The phasic technology that need branch calls carrier wave RTK again (RealTimeKinematic) technology, it is to treat two carrier that measure a station in real time the method needing branch that phasic observation measures. It is the carrier wave that collects fiducial station namely phasic send an user receiver, undertake begging differring solving calculating coordinate.

Carrier wave is phasic poor cent can make locate precision reachs centimeter of level. A large number of application need the domain of high accuracy position at trends.

The characteristic GPS system of GPS system is had round-the-clock, all-around, high accuracy, multipurpose and convenient and quick efficient wait for a characteristic.

1) round-the-clock: Show field observation can not accept the restriction of time. No matter day and night, blow rain, Xia Nuandong is cold, all can achieve satisfactory observation result.

2) all-around: Show fieldwork does not accept dimensional restriction, want to be able to receive the signal of 4 above satellite at the same time only, can have fixed position. Do not ask to measure the each other between the station to be interlinked inspect, can go up in terrestrial, maritime, water, in sky (aerial survey) measure fixed position. Already observation of Ke Jing condition, observation of movable also condition.

3) high accuracy: Static state of receiver of Chan Pin GPS is measured (aftertreatment) precision can amount to ±5mm 2ppm·D. Static state of receiver of Shuang Pin GPS measures precision to be able to amount to ±5mm 1ppm·D. Real time trends is measured (RTK) precision can amount to ±20mm 2ppm·D.
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