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How is GPS receiver classified
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The signal of navigation fixed position that GPS satellite sends, it is a kind of information resource that can share for countless users. To the broad user of terrestrial, ocean and space, want an user to have only can receive, dog, commutation receives facility with what measure GPS signal, namely GPS signal receiver. Can undertake with GPS signal in any moment navigation fixed position is measured. What the basis uses an end is different, the GPS signal receiver that the user asks also has difference each. Eye already had a few factories to produce GPS receiver on preexistence bound, the product also has hundreds of kinds. These products are OK wait according to principle, utility, function will classify.

Press the utility classification of receiver

This type receiver basically uses navigation receiver at the navigation of athletic carrier, it can give out in real time the position of carrier and speed. This kind of receiver uses C/A to pile up bogus to be apart from commonly measure, only place locates in real time precision is inferior, it is ±25mm commonly, ±100mm is when influence having SA. This kind of receiver is low-cost, application is wide. What the basis uses a field is different, this kind of receiver still can divide further for: The car carries model —— is used at car navigation fixed position; Nautical model —— is used at marine navigation fixed position; Aviation —— is used at plane navigation to locate. Because plane traversal speed is fast, accordingly, the receiver that uses on aviation asks to be able to get used to high speed to move. The star carries model —— locates with Yu Weixing's navigation. Because satellitic speed is as high as 7km/s above, because this is right the demand of receiver is higher.

Measure the ground receiver

Measure the ground receiver to basically be used at nicety the earth is measured and accurate project is measured. Fixed position precision is tall. Instrument structure is complex, the price is more expensive. Level of this kind of high accuracy time that receiver basically uses GPS satellite to offer undertakes time service receiver time service, commonly used Yu Tianwen the time in stage and radio news report is synchronous.

Press the classification of carrier wave frequency of receiver

Receiver of Chan Pin of odd frequency receiver can receive signal of L1 carrier wave only, determine carrier wave is phasic observation has fixed position. Because cannot remove ionosphere defer effect effectively, odd frequency receiver applies to short base line only (<15km) exact location.

Receiver of Shuang Pin of double frequency receiver can receive L1 at the same time, signal of L2 carrier wave. Use Shuang Pin to be opposite of ionosphere defer different, can remove the ionosphere effect to the defer of electromagnetic wave signal, because this double frequency receiver is usable,at be as long as the nicety of thousands of kilometer locates.
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