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Development of mapping of GPS of American spaceflight landform reachs an influen
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Spaceflight landform mapping is to show with man-made earth the spacecraft such as satellite, spacecraft, space shuttle is working platform, the remote sensing that undertakes to earthly surface place is measured. Before spaceflight mapping because its precision is finite, can make map of medium, small scale only commonly. On Feburary 11, 2000 morning 11 when 44 minutes, american “ act vigorously receives ” order the spaceflight emissive center that space shuttle blocks part of Na Weila Er in Florida city blasts off enter the space, executive cost 364 million dollar, say for mission of mapping of landform of radar of “ space shuttle (ShuttleRadarTopographyMission, brief answer weigh SRTM) the dimensional flight task of ” . This spaceflight mapping covers an area those who collect the big, precision of data bulk is wide, tall be unprecedented on mapping history. 10 days of collection all and primitive data handle the time that needs two years about only. The global number Gao Chengmo that after data classics is handled, final place gets (DEM) , the global DEM precision that can have the U.S. Army raises about 30 times. Be opposite in the United States in Afghan war, SRTM data shows martial prowess greatly, in the military affairs direct, cockpit management and the respect such as all sorts of weapon control and guide get applied extensively, produced huge effect.

The expert thinks, mapping of this American spaceflight is a milepost on phylogeny of mapping science and technology, will possible from go up at all the gets landform information method that changes a tradition and means. It will ensure the U.S. Army is in the news dominant position of geographical airspace territory. Because it is in scientific research, civil and martial domain has the applied value with reach its fundamental, because this caused the wide attention of each country military circles and medium.

The development setting of SRTM

Task of mapping of landform of space shuttle radar is a cost very tremendous, the plan with very complex technology. The United States nots hesitate denounce is gigantic endowment implement this project, from go up at all the need that telling is strategy of hegemony of its seek whole world. At the same time the breakthrough on the technology and those who organize a structure is timely adjust, also offerred essential condition to fulfil mission of global landform mapping smoothly.

Ensure the need of news dominant position and strategy of executive whole world

As the end of cold war, hegemonic position of the United States consolidates increasingly, already became the superpower with exclusive whole world. On the military affairs, the United States should continue to altogether solid U.S. Army exists in martial advantage of the whole world and military affairs, implementation “ whole world arrives, the whole world fights the strategic goal of ” , and the model of global number tall Cheng of high accuracy ensures the foundation that achieves this one goal just about. June 2000, the U.S. Army is in " 2010 combination conception " make on the foundation (2020 combination conception " in mention, to 2020, the United States will face wider interest, opportunity and challenge. Because this needs a kind to serve as final step with the war, can promote the United States effectively the diplomacy of the interest; Need can win a war one kind to also can strive for martial method of peace already; Need can ensure diplomacy one kind to also can guarantee the information resort of martial method already. Elaborated the news dominant position that should maintain an U.S. Army first, realize fighting capacity with this times added development train of thought. The tall Cheng data that SRTM generates is the basis that forms frame of foundation of geographical spatial information, and geographical spatial information is martial program, decision-making, direct and military affairs to fight just about the fundamental information that provides collective and referenced framework. Can say, SRTM data is the base that preserves base of dominant position of U.S. Army news, it is the main component that ensures its news dominant position is indispensable. because such, the bureau of mapping of country of department of defense that American scholar finishs responsible organization job of this spaceflight mapping (NIMA) the eye ” that calls “ nation.
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