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GPS location navigation system and embedded database
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The application of GPS system is very wide. Include exploration of resource of physics of car navigation, earth, municipal program and control, ocean to come to help, control and guide of plane navigation, missile is waited a moment. The returning that can be experienced by us most nevertheless is live with us most the navigation closely related serves.

GPS system controls autodyne of satellite of system, space, ground by the ground commonly 3 parts composition. Use between the equipment of navigation to have autodyne of a ground only. Floor unit receives the signal that comes from dimensional satellite, calculate the seat that gives oneself. Had positional information to cooperate technology of sophisticated dimensional data processing later, navigational aid can send destination easily, inquire the information that gives you to be interested.

In recent years, GPS navigational aid gains ground more and more. Be in Japan, the car of use GPS signal carries the history that navigational aid comes out to had had near 20 years. A lot of people witnessed a car to carry navigational aid to arrive from costly luxury many all-pervading process. Japan has more than 10 manufacturers to produce a car to hold navigational aid, hold navigational aid formerly besides what deserve to install at the same time in new car sale besides, the car with day retail now the current year carries navigational aid to have 50 many variety, year the sale is controlled 1 million times.

According to statistic, japanese car carries the popularity rate of navigational aid to be controlled in 36 % now, because commercial vehicle utilization rate is lower, so if be restricted only the word of family expenses car, popularity rate should be higher. Additional, still have many individual navigational aid (PND, personalNavigationDevice) is being used.

Automatic navigation law and GPS

The car holds navigational aid is one of application with GPS navigation the widest service. But, the car carries navigational aid to just lade the earliest the unit that has the automatic navigation way such as sensor of speed pulse, compass. Use the device of law of this kind of automatic navigation, want to rely on device oneself to choose the place of cipher out car. Accordingly, can tell a driver present position is reached roughly only sail the course to destination. After travel begins period of time, direction of the place that must reach to travel, travel and travel angle undertake adjustment, use rise extremely no-go also do not talk to go up much more accurate, just probably the position serves. So, the car that is in Japan the earliest is exhibited on when seeing the car holds navigational aid, the conduct propaganda of a lot of manufacturers is in mainly of car decide definitely on.

Now GPS method special be current, this method chooses the place of cipher out car through GPS. Rely on the word of GPS only nevertheless, design total meeting to have anyway somehow error. Send the error of signal because of American satellite at that time in Japan, along the car of seaside travel, on its navigational aid indicate from the car (arrowhead of a triangle) classics regular meeting runs to the sea, let a person be between tears and smiles.
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