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Overspeed overload will be corrected in time to install graph passenger car to i
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Travel of passenger transport car arrives which circuitry, in travel whether overspeed, overweighted, all these all accuses in the palm in. Recently, the supervisory equipment of GPS satellite fixed position that by the province traffic hall installs unified and custom-builtly, freely is installing graph county enable on passenger car of 126 battalion carry, remind driver safety drive a vehicle at any time.

Carry according to installing graph county Feng Hui of strong point tubal place introduces, after installing this system, once,battalion carry car is in in travel process overspeed, the car carries terminal to be able to warn a driver automatically through speech means, last like car overspeed, monitoring center will be self-recording circumstance of violate the rules and regulations. In the meantime, monitoring center but at any time or time undertake taking a picture to car, know the state inside the car in time, prevent exhaustion to drive to wait for the happening of behavior of violate the rules and regulations with overload. Current, the county that bring a figure already had regular bus of 126 passenger transport to install GPS supervisory system, passenger transport regular bus is assuming the carriage job of many 4000 200 orders, passenger everyday, adopt GPS supervisory system, ensured the safety of the passenger that take a car effectively.

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