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TCPO investigation discovers GPS electron of monitoring general car is new popul
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Urge the office with electronic business chance according to Taipei car (TCPO) investigates discovery, spend more and more time as the person that drive in the car, the market after installing all sorts of electron equipment to already made new fund car and car is increased inside the car inevitable trend. Besides equipment of electron of use more of car automobile body, drive in demand of recreation of drive a vehicle, inside the car (dimensions of market of In-Vehicle) electron product also grows ceaselessly.

In TCPO newest report shows, dimensions of market of product of the electron inside the car was 7 billion dollar about 2004, predict to reached growth 2008 12.8 billion dollar. If with fine product category does an analysis, the car uses image sound recreation with acoustics, car relevant product is in market dimensions was 6.4 billion dollar about 2004, predict to reached growth 2008 9.6 billion dollar, growth makes an appointment with 1.5 times.

In addition, the car is diagnosed with radar, the car uses information security with the car such as navigation of monitoring, satellite product growth range is far tall too traditional car uses image sound product. According to estimation, the car uses information security dimensions of relevant product market is when 2004 only 630 million dollar, anticipate will rise 3.2 billion dollar 2008, growth exceeds fivefold above.

Express according to the manufacturer, the heat of satellitic navigation product sells, main reason is falling at the trend of high oil price, satellitic navigational aid can plan to shorten through line of effective drive a vehicle place of drive a vehicle needs time, help a car then advocate decrease cheer expense. And what the car uses safe product is arisen, besides can ensure through monitoring means car advocate besides safety, because traffic is accident manage compensate amount is larger and larger, underwriter hopes to come through supervisory system more the responsibility of accident of li quiet liaison man is attributive problem.

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