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Guangdong uses GPS satellite to locate inspect assure offers security of food of
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In occupying report occupied new network on June 11 report of Hong Kong big bulletin, the reporter examines 10 days from Guangdong discrepancy condition quarantine bureau learns, guangdong bureau introduces the innovation measure of high-tech management, use GPS satellite fixed position to wait superintend food of the Olympic Games that offer port.

To ensure provision of the Olympic Games that offer port is safe, guangdong bureau introduces high-tech government measure, use GPS satellite fixed position and area measuring instrument to grow to putting on record for harbor vegetable of breed base, exit carries car to undertake superintendency. Current, this new-style superintendency method is advanced on the foundation with one pilot and successful phase, already popularized application in this bureau area under administration June.

It is reported, current, guangdong bureau already deployed fixed position of 74 GPS satellite and area measuring instrument for 30 branch bureau, use many 1000 within area under administration to put on record kind superintend what breed base daily.

Pass the use of these equipment, solved raw material base to be located in remote region position to search hard, superintend not complete, artificial measure area deviation to wait for difficult problem greatly, in prevent company make a false report to grow breed area, the standard proves to manage for goods, reduce examine intensity of quarantine staff work, enhance superintendency effectiveness a lot of respect produced main effect.

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