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Give concrete of heavy fist Zhejiang for safety the car increases outfit GPS fix
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For normative construction the project uses the government of project car, the near future, hangzhou city builds a system to will strengthen project car safety to manage further, current situation of operation of normative project car, ensure safety of people life property. Because many project car accidents are caused because of overspeed, because this manages method to set, each commodity concrete produces an enterprise to want to add system of outfit GPS location entirely to carrying car, control speed strictly.

In the operation that this safe managing, commodity concrete carries a car to be management priority object. The operation technical ability that management department must have adroitness besides requirement driver and safe regulations groom besides, right still the driver's working hours and open car speed to have tight control. Ask each unit arranges the travel circuitry, amount that send a car working hours of reasonable arrangement driver, scientificly to wait, put an end to driver exhaustion to drive. Additional, each operation car will be fixed check-up, avoid the appearance of start off of car overload, ill car.

Unit of adverse to those superintendency project, construction and concrete produce a business, if be checked solid, will report inside the industry, once produce traffic accident to have responsibility, so, hangzhou city is built appoint the project that will inspect a circumstance to suspend an enterprise participating in a government to invest a project bids qualification.

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