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Better GPS of installation of as public transportation as passenger communicatio
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County of city of American each state will install system of location of solar energy whole world in the bus stop (GPS) , the advancing position that inquires a fair car immediately for waiting passenger and arrive at time, reduce their fretted sentiment.

According to " the United States signs up for now " 23 days of reports, county of Ward of fatigue of Florida city cloth already enabled fixed position of electron of 34 solar energy fair cars 5 days to display screen this month, this county will be installed in public transportation station gross 300 congener equipment.

Siwosiji says chief of IT of department of transportation of county of cloth fatigue Ward, because oil price rises, more and more person apt use public traffic tool, we must raise public traffic to serve a level hard, offer more advantage for broad citizen.

Gram of division of skin of official of association of American public traffic says, this action aims to make public transportation company is communicated with the passenger better, although fair Che Chi is less than behindhand, also can let a passenger understand the time that fair Che Chi goes to and reason, public transportation company meets what obtain a passenger more easily to forgive.

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