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The United States installs GPS supervisory and control arrangement to reduce car
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In the illicit home car of 3 cities of the United States, can appear soon a kind of device will reduce overspeed phenomenon, this experiment will last 18 months, cost 10 million dollars, if succeed, car of home of illicit of American other state installs this kind of device possibly also in succession, can consider to leave factory even beforehand buy.

By the traffic accident that overspeed causes

This experiment is in charge of carrying out by NSW company, in advance installed GPS equipment on 100 cars. This kind of equipment can be not common navigator, and have more complex structure. Can issue warning to the driver when car exceeds speed limit, can cut off oil path to enforce even car decelerate.

According to investigation, the deadly sex traffic accident of 40% is caused by overspeed, accordingly this equipment has wide applied perspective.

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