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Heibei Han Dan installs GPS to locate systematic government builds rubbish to ca
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Because economy builds rapid development, build rubbish increase sharply, during carriage car of rubbish of a few buildings is being carried, the building rubbish is thrown away in road surface or do not press appoint place dump rubbish, affected appearance of city of the appearance of a city. To strengthen the management that builds rubbish car to carrying, city of Dan of Heibei province Han builds tubal bureau to build rubbish management to be in pair of whole town system of location of the GPS on installation of carriage car of more than 170 major. During car is being carried, execute the law personnel is in monitoring center, carry electronic map but the course of drive a vehicle that every accurate and clear control that carry a car, the ground of dump rubbish is nodded, avoided to carry car not to press compasses route and time to advance individually, huddle in disorder the happening that builds rubbish phenomenon, strengthened urban government further.

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