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Want to use return so that can use GPS individual fixed position to track new se
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Come day after day, center of lash-up of society of the Anhui province offers individual GPS help to encounter many problems for special crowd. Lash-up center 96111 hot lines, received the advisory telephone call of many readers, enquire GPS individual locates how tracking warning apparatus is used.

Live in Hefei Mr Li of village of new and high Ou Mou is informed lash-up center to have " GPS individual fixed position is tracked " when the service, bought each person fixed position to track warning apparatus to the son for a short while. Who knows, the following day the son classeses are over in the evening did not come home, mr Li wants to check next sons to be in with the mobile phone, how can also check do not come out. Situation is urgent under, he dialed lash-up center 96111 complain a phone, thinking is the reason of equipment. Which know, the ability after the staff member understands knows, the mobile phone of Mr Li did not open GPRS business, cannot get online so inquiry. The staff member passes computer immediately, the son that inquires Mr Li is going up to be driven toward the home in yellow hill road.

Lash-up center reminds broad GPS individual through our newspaper about staff member specially fixed position tracks the user of warning apparatus, outside opening GPRS business except hand confidential, still answer advertent respect has: Can get online through the mobile phone, computer gets online reach central hot line 96111 inquiry; The attention is waterproof, shock-proof; Individual positioner should maintain switch on the mobile phone condition; Charge 10 hours first above, charge 2 hours every time later; Because the screen of the building reachs the limitation of GPS satellite and C net, outdoor accuracy prep above is indoor wait.

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