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Mobile monitoring admiral detonates video monitoring new round of tide
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Anhui achieves limited company of world science and technology to held water in July 2002, it is a China and foreign countries that group of Malaysia KWE international and university of Chinese science and technology establish jointly company of joint-stock and new and high technology, headquarters is located in inside garden of science and technology of Hefei state university, register fund 1.22 million dollar. The company has stuff more than 100, record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above is amounted to 90% , among them 60% above have personnel of core research and development doctor or master's degree, they are in processing of network communication, video, embedded the research that the domain such as the system has Gao Shuiping and development capacity. As the technical pioneer of domain of domestic network news, video, the technology that the science and technology that start a life devotes oneself to to have own intellectual property and core competition ability ceaselessly considers to be developed with the product, master what compress algorithm to be developed to applied layer soft hardware from sound, video in the round each link core technologies, long-term and dedicated call the police at product of network video monitoring and couplet net systematic research and development, production, sale.

The wireless product of the science and technology that start a life includes 3 kinds big: Wireless video server, wireless car carries machine of hard disk video, compositive type wireless video terminal, amount to a few model, covered the applied demand of the majority. Wireless product application achieves world science and technology the crucial technology of 3 own intellectual property, can obtain exceedingly good video to transmit the effect, and very small network delay time, the software that develops independently with the science and technology that start a life assembles, can provide almost omnipotent monitoring and control capability for the user. Because be own development, have very strong custom-built capacity so.

Wireless car carries hard disk videocorder

World science and technology was achieved 2008 wireless car was rolled out to carry product of series of machine of hard disk video on new product news briefing, this series product is compositive the car carries video of hard disk kinescope, wireless sound to transmit, the 3 big functions such as GPS fixed position and an organic whole, it is the first appropriative of domestic wireless car carries product of video monitoring kinescope. The car carries function of hard disk kinescope basically is to pointed to to 3 level are used above the design shock-proof structure, those who assure hard disk is normal read write; The memory respect of kinescope file uses the file system that has patent oneself, exceed strong reliable; The hand is moved, time, call the police wait for a variety of means to spark kinescope; Can download and broadcast program of advertisement of high-definition picture qualitative recreation; This locality of kinescope file support is answered put, download of mouth of this locality net, long-range and wireless download. Transmission function of wireless sound video is to show phonic video data can pass CDMA, GPRS, EDGE, and a variety of networks such as 3G are wireless transmit; Support a variety of image to browse means: Wall of computer, mobile phone, TV; Two-way speech is right tell; Supportive much passageway is bound calm; Outstanding image effect; Through calling the police, a variety of means such as electrify, short message spark the line on equipment.
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