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System of GPS of experience bottleneck taxi why difficult promotion?
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Pass GPS, the taxi can provide service of call together car to the citizen. At devious position or the citizen that do not make a car temporarily because of other reason, dial hot line of call together car, attemper the center can locate according to the satellite of GPS function, inform person of car leaving call together of recent taxi, drive person of call together car to the edge.

Went to the lavatory of the taxi of GPS system the citizen goes out row. Live in Nanchang city Ms. Li of some village says red Gu Tan, when she goes out more and more the habit dials hot line of call together car. With her the citizen like idea still has many, passenger transport of Nanchang city town attempers center (the following abbreviation " attemper center " ) statistical data shows, on March 16 17 when come 55 minutes 17 days 17 when 55 minutes, receive telephone call of car of 195 call together in all. The staff member says, they can receive telephone call of car of nearly 200 call together everyday now. When pluvial snow put aspic weather on the ice this year in January, receive telephone call of car of 6454 call together in all, the summation that phone of car of call together of before be equivalent to this 3 months counts.

Should suffer a citizen to chase after gradually of the taxi of GPS system when holding in both hands, drivers also were reduced carry for nothing rate, increased income. Teach says the taxi driver Wang Shi that once achieved next month to acquire hot line of 55 report call together successfully, by average every times of passenger collects fees 10 yuan of computation, he earning of electric call together is in at least that month 550 yuan of above, still have a passenger a few times to hit a watch to go to the airport among them, every times income is in 110 yuan of above. And Xiaoxu of driver of limited company of car of taxi of Jiangxi long use also expresses, after participating in electric call together, he need not open passenger source of empty wagons look about, reduced oily cost consequently.

Of new generation GPS photograph still can let public security mechanism handle a case like the head have according to can be being checked. On Feburary 20 before dawn, a taxi driver is robbed, GPS is photographed press in the driver like the head valuation implement hind filmed guilty suspect photograph, abide is worn this clew, public security mechanism detects a case quickly. Management of passenger transport of Nanchang city town is in a staff member to express, GPS location system also benefit at them effective monitoring is whole taxi industry, promote industry government and service the standard.

Be based on a variety of functions of GPS system just about, the whole nation such as Shanghai, Shenzhen is large and medium-sized the city already extended taxi GPS system in the round. In Nanchang, 2003 by municipal government contributive 3 million yuan, install GPS system freely for 1000 taxis, taxi GPS system was enabled formally 2004, but did not obtain expectant result at that time. After this, nanchang city began 2 degrees of promotion again 2007. But till this year on March 17, still only 889 taxis of GPS system run go up in the road, 20% what take 3629 taxis of whole town, cannot satisfy requirement of call together car far.
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