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Fixed position of GPS of safety of the person that safeguard sells cost dogs sup
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From go up since the month, the our city adopts information board to remind, GPS fixed position, loop is made supervise wait for a method, 23 danger will build to change inside year taste waterborne and safe passageway, borrow this to be changed to whole town danger article waterborne undertake all-around superintend, change tasted waterborne safety in order to ensure whole town highs. This was on August 1 the message that the reporter learns about the branch from city.

According to introducing, the our city highs every year change the volume that taste water to amount to many tons 1000, once produce accident of the traffic on water or accident, cause the fire, explosion, accident such as water area pollution extremely easily. Ancient bronze mirror this, the our city will build 23 course such as the new foreign harbor, river that connect Yu, change tasted safe channel as carriage danger, strengthen danger to change the construction that tastes rescuing base of waterborne dock, lash-up, informatization to superintend a system to wait for establishment of form a complete set at the same time.

What differ with ordinary course is, danger is changed taste waterborne green passageway to be installed will morely on the way commonly used and necessary remind establishment, so that times can be reached when circumstance happening accidentally alarm. On this foundation, still will build perfect danger to change taste waterborne loop to make, executive GPS fixed position dogs superintend, applying danger is changed taste harbor of cargo ship pass in and out to declare make, accomplish shipping to have forecast to the front of harbor, have to harbor hind sign up for truly.

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