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Use canal of city of GPS fixed position to carry a car to undertake monitoring t
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Recently, canal of Guangzhou city town does will be indoor supervisory system of first GPS of installation of 800 buildings skip, so that undertake overall fixed position or monitoring of course of drive a vehicle to them, in case building site is nightly construction or unqualified housing materials car scatter flotsam excessive on road.

Use GPS fixed position, the city is in charge of censorial personnel to be able to carry a car to undertake monitoring to the building at any time, violate in case compasses

It is reported, inside the control center of superintendency branch, the contrail of drive a vehicle that administrator can see first 800 buildings skip car on screen and instant location position. If have a problem, city canal executes the law personnel can expect to content the location position of the car undertakes selectiving examination at any time, so that whether is understanding put in illegal phenomenon. Final, the information result that superintendency personnel can inquire in monitoring platform includes: Place of plate number, car belongs to company, speed to wait. Red line still can show the line of slimy head car, slimy head car sets out from where, which building site, destination goes to out where, stay on road surface silty etc.

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What you see no less than, the applied range of GPS location system is wider and wider, this realises because of beginning for people its are actual slowly just about the cause of effect. Of course, the occurrence of any creation, humanness place is used, perhaps GPS technology also can blend in you in the life henceforth.

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