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Use at thief of car of steel of antagonism of technology of car guard against th
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From Ford invention car rises, steel car thief with respect to emerge as the times require, they come with all sorts of methods purloin they think costly car, also the occurrence as a result of steel car thief, the technology of guard against theft of the car also is being improved ceaselessly, come with this with steel car thief the technical photograph of change quickly contends.

The whole world is at present annual car sale amounts to many 5000, the market retains the quantity already exceeded 400 million. According to statistic, the whole nation produces steel car case every year many cases 100 thousand, average everyday by steel car many 300. With respect to Beijing character, stage of Wu of 110 newspapers police uniform can receive Beijing public security bureau more than cases 10 everyday motor vehicle by pilfer alarm affection. The car that is used by people is more, also be jumped over by the car of pilfer much, car guard against theft becomes a serious social problem today, technology of guard against theft already with safe, environmental protection, energy-saving the problem of 4 a lecture given to a large number of students that technology of a car that be labelled develops.

Add on board installing measures of more guard against theft is not an evildoing. The United States has a findings to make a person thoughtful very much, if every car on the world brings the measure of guard against theft that differs of 20, so all thieves that steal a car will starved to death. What say here is not 20 locks that these thieves cannot open this car to go up, say these thieves however, open them without enough time, unless a month does not go to your car,glance.

Eye still does not have the car of absolute safety on preexistence bound, device of any a kind of guard against theft have the possibility of the solution that be defeated, it is the elapse as time only, the people innovation invention in car domain is increasing also, the technology also is in the guard against theft that uses car field to a large number of occurrence as steel car thief and become more advanced, also spread out path and a demon mutual argue and the match that does not have terminus.

Car guard against theft basically has products of all sorts of guard against theft and facility of former plant guard against theft. Product of car guard against theft basically divides kinds big, product of mechanical guard against theft and product of electronic guard against theft. Product of mechanical guard against theft has wheel lock, block lock and steering wheel lock. Product of electronic guard against theft from common electronic guard against theft implement the GSM to mobile phone remote control and the GSP that the satellite locates. We introduce the character of product of every kinds of guard against theft and actor defect in turn below.

Product of mechanical guard against theft

Wheel lock: Just as its name implies, the wheel locks up a lock to be on the wheel, make the wheel cannot turn and achieve goal of guard against theft.
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