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The lawyer thinks the police uses GPS to track a suspect is to encroach human ri
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Now police more and more using GPS serves as the tool that tracks convict, be in occasionally even when be being permitted without the course still so do, report according to Washington Post, this kind of phenomenon more and more general, because the court often stands in police when adjudication,be at the same time, think to dog to the suspect dogs with other measure and be distinguished without essence with GPS. Even somebody is used supreme court approval dogged with wireless equipment 1983 the suspect's incident comes analogy, think to be done so and do not have what misgivings.

Lawyer ChrisLeibig expressed objection to this, he says: "Use GPS to record a suspect everyday track, it is a kind of encroachment to human rights essentially " . He thinks the police wants to use method of this kind of high-tech, had better build go up in rigid permissive system, pass Washington for instance agree.

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