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Overlook Shu county courtyard: GPS lets fair car advance inside the limits that
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Long-term since, fair car management is one of problems with use most serious mechanism. How to strengthen the management of pair of fair cars, faced Shu county procuratorate to make active exploration. This courtyard locates with GPS satellite the system undertakes superintendency to all fair cars at the beginning of this year August, the effect is very apparent.

Before, whereaboutldirection does not know after fair car is expedited, to check Wu superintend, car moving control brings difficulty. Installed GPS system nowadays, go out to car not only accurate advance provided strong safeguard, still ran a course to realize round-the-clock monitoring to car, and can undertake at any time to the car that does not run according to compasses route disconnect oil path. Since August, this courtyard is all car can advance according to compasses route, time, did not happen to violate compasses use phenomenon together, provided advanced technical platform to superintend of Wu of registration of vehicles, check.

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