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System of GPS of the installation on dumpcart " electronic eye " also will do en
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At any time the moving contrail of monitoring car, want the line with car normal deviate only, the system can call the police automatically. Recently, jinan first installation " electronic eye " rubbish carries a car already start off, command center is OK at any time monitoring of these car move, should happen not to press course travel only other perhaps issue, with respect to OK and immediate announcement the driver is corrected.

17 days morning, the reporter directs a center to see in motorcade of environmental sanitation of the city zone of Jinan city all previous, at present all car already all realized motorcade monitoring of GPS satellite fixed position. After the staff member inputs a serial number of car casually, the pertinent information of this car is shown immediately on electronic map, if go locally in which,sail, how much is travelling speed, can be clear at a glance.

The staff member tells a reporter, rubbish carries a car how to go up GPS system, want to input serial number of car only, can show all information of car not only, and OK still self-recording by the travel contrail of monitoring car. The driver has any " a sign of disturbance or trouble " , do not escape to cross monitoring center " eye " .

In the meantime, after system of the GPS on installation, if overspeed or deviate set a line beforehand,rubbish carries a car, GPS system can call the police automatically, can make sure dumpcart works in more safe environment so. The oily quantity monitoring of supervisory system still can record the addition of capacity of oil of car gasoline tank and wear out condition in real time.

Environmental sanitation branch tells a reporter about the personage, on installation of rubbish carriage car " electronic eye " hind, work efficiency rises greatly, car can the circuit travel according to the regulation. Henceforth, all rubbish inside Jinan urban district carry a car to will install this to plant " electronic eye " . Meanwhile, jinan urban district carries the car of broken bits earth many times 400 to also get on progressively installation " electronic eye " . At the appointed time, want to chaos of car of broken bits earth pours broken bits earth only, monitoring center can discover instantly, the punishment that check and has severity.

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