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Shanghai is public transportation introduce efficiency of operation of intellige
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To raise a bus attemper when aiguille efficiency, the bus group with the biggest dimensions inside Shanghai public transportation industry, already introduced the supervisory system of big screen intelligence with the most perfect function in the bus one steam investment is applied. At present such intelligent equipment already covered many 5000 230 inside core line public transportation courses, bus.

What the public transportation course in public transportation system uses intelligence is technology of system of GPS satellite location, can change to executive intelligence of public transportation course attemper. Through group subordinate public transportation attemper the bus that central big screen shows runs a state, attemper personnel can monitor the specific moving place of all and controlled bus, moving contrail, advancing speed reachs the significant information such as direction immediately.

Occupy according to timing the fixed position that takes from GPS is counted, computational car seat and car arrive station time. If approach a site, and begin decelerate, the system can sign up for pull in automatically; Leave a site when the car, and rate increases again when, sow a newspaper automatically to leave station message.

Through big screen surveillance controls a system, attemper if discover keep long in stock of the passenger on the site is too much,the center is in on electronic map, can increase scanty use of the car that add a group immediately. It is especially when large activity or match, of public transportation to circumjacent area course adjust, car is supplementary wait for circumstance be clear at a glance, great the battalion carry efficiency that improved a bus.

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