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GPS satellite locates the system ensures success of Olympic Games match
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Henan visits traffic office: Transfer technical staff begins special platoon to investigate an activity, strengthen danger to taste carriage market to superintend, requirement danger tastes transportation enterprises to establish record of system of regulations of perfect safe production and each job, fulfil sudden incident meet an urgent need strictly beforehand case; Build company credit quality to examine record, to be being put in the enterprise of safe hidden trouble, stop its to add business newly; Apply GPS satellite to locate the system carries to danger car real time monitoring, master car to run trends in the round; Strengthen safety to groom, rise to be on guard from quality of personnel of course of study and safety consciousness.

Bureau of thing of river the North sea: Make clear responsibility, strengthen be on duty, ensure each post is on duty 24 hours; Strengthen monitoring of shipping of area under administration; Strengthen key water area and monitoring of key operation unit, strengthen eyesight of spot make one's rounds to spend; Establish sectional linkage mechanism, maintain information to communicate with check of public security, fire control, edge, prepare to start lash-up at any time beforehand case.

Bureau of channel of the Yangtse River: Strengthen port area of key bridge area, key and big water level to differ the channel below the condition, mark to safeguard with strength of go on a tour of inspection; Strengthen job of contradictory dispute mediate, appeal for help to the key personnel rigor monitoring; Strengthen the management of explosive article, do good dynamite to carry, keep in storage, use record, strict control takes Beijing staff, execute newspaper signing up for careful to approve a system. Beijing traffic committee: Ensure demand according to traffic of Olympic Games closure, make plan of traffic organization of public transportation circuitry ahead of schedule, make sure audience of empty after the show of Olympic Games closure is successful and scattered, had done uninterrupted operation to organize preparation.

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