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Beautiful police tracks a gangster not monitor of GPS of accredit illicit outfit
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Change quickly of science and technology, the way that the police pays a gangster now is more and more advanced. But be in the United States, the police is in below the gangster's car installed GPS to investigate secretly implement, be had to violate American constitution by doubt the suspicion of the 4th amendment, a mighty uproar is caused in the United States.

According to Taiwan Dong Senxin hears 20 days of stories, just visit gotten GPS plant in 007 films only originally, had applied in the life in each levels, american police also uses GPS to master gangster track even now, nevertheless some polices are to be in did not obtain accredit to fall to be installed with respect to privately, cause controversy.

Safety executes the law the expert expresses, "Execute the law the branch has authority to investigate crime, track a gangster, it is only nevertheless below the case that has protection, so innocent talented person won't be monitored by unreasonable ground. So innocent talented person won't be monitored by unreasonable ground..

The circumstance that the police of the city was in Virginia to did not obtain inquisitor to approve beforehand this year in Feburary issues the United States, made a gender invade the gangster of the case in monitor of this kind of GPS is installed below the car, his attorney demand judge kicks the investigation of GPS from inside evidence now except, because constabulary gimmick had violated American constitution the 4th amendment, namely people enjoys the right that does not get unreasonable search.

Member of association of counsel for the defence says, "Before doing this kind to invade, judicatory official must make final decision, who can be tracked and track how long. Who can be tracked and track how long..

Because American supreme court still does not have rigid regulation at present, police must obtain approve ability to use GPS monitor first, because this is current each state regulation is endless also and identical, after all GPS is to track the edge tool of convict or meeting to encroach privacy to counterpoise, the likelihood still needs law group public figure to study one time well.

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