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Jujube village fire engine is installed completely " round-the-clock " GPS locat
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Since August 15, detachment of jujube bank fire control is all be on duty, administrative car, go out to want speed to exceed number of demarcate course of development only, 119 command center can receive detachment speed exceeds be restricted to call the police, it is inside the shortest time, clew driver decelerate goes slow. This is system of location of satellite of GPS of this detachment have the aid of, accomplish to registration of vehicles " round-the-clock " the significant move of fixed position monitoring. Of new and high science and technology apply increased a insurance again for unit management education.

System of GPS satellite location by dimensional part, the ground controls part and user to interrupt equipment part to comprise, have high accuracy fixed position, contrail to answer put, the car carries the multinomial function such as phone, own inquiry, travel distance inquiry. After the system has been installed, detachment 119 attemper command center is OK and round-the-clock Hou 24 hours uninterrupted, fixed position of high accuracy ground is tracked, master detachment the travel direction of all car, specific place, travelling speed. Orbit is answered it is OK still to put a function tone reads a historical distance that puts car be accusinged, include trochoid record, jockey and drive inquiry of time inquiry, the speed of historical travel, course of development.

Current, army of whole town fire control installed 61 this systems in all total investment moves.

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