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To protect passenger transportation security carry of Hunan of a surname bottom
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On August 18, reporter from motor transportation of a surname De Xiangyun finite liability company learns: Hunan of a surname bottom carries to advance informatization construction strides new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, exert oneself makes trade of taxi of the area in Hunan " aircraft carrier " , build our city dimensions successfully already the GPS monitoring platform with the biggest, the wholest function.

Motor transportation of a surname De Xiangyun finite liability company is an our city obtain road passenger transportation exclusively at present the professional transport company of 2 class aptitude. This year on June 3, a surname Dexiang carries finite liability company obtains motor transportation lawfully the city zone of a surname end expires 114 times cab concessionary right of administration. To cast sincere letter better brand, promote Lou Yunjing god, deliver social civilization, the company is chance with entering cab industry again, through taxi team service qualification card grooms, accelerate construction of GPS monitoring platform, industry of cab of the area in making Hunan " aircraft carrier " .

Began April, platform of monitoring of intense preparatory GPS builds the company. On August 15, the platform of monitoring of GPS car safety of one class builds first large, major end a surname successfully. This monitoring platform carries in Hunan of a surname bottom 5 counties (city, area) the branch already built cent of corresponding GPS2 class to control a center, have speed monitoring, prevent exhaustion to drive, the 7 big functions such as travel limits monitoring. To ensure GPS car is safe of supervisory system move effectively, company of motion of Hunan of a surname bottom is received through telecommunication hundred fiber-optic, layer upon layer fulfil safe monitoring responsibility, undertake 24 hours to the car inside platform uninterrupted all-around monitoring of real time safety. Current, 114 taxis of company of motion of Hunan of a surname bottom already installed GPS to the car carries terminal and get the taxi driver affirms adequately entirely, predict in September the middle ten days of a month, car of carry of the battalion inside entire company limits carries full installation and use GPS car terminal.

According to company president, general manager Peng lucky China introduces, platform of monitoring of GPS of carry of Hunan of a surname bottom is wraparound rise tell have two big advocate function: It is function of overspeed overload monitoring, 2 it is guard against theft is prevented grab prevent cruel function. At the same time this platform has function of electric call together, can execute to car of class line operation all-around monitoring, fall safety administration to real point truly.

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