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elder brother is touched by gangster hold sb under duress GPS early-warning equi
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Recently, shandong saves a taxi driver of Jinan city, be being issued by the circumstance of two gangsters hold sb under duress, use long-range GPS early warning system, saved oneself life.

Teach of taxi driver Du Shi, after encountering two gangsters hold sb under duress, moved the facility of GPS long-range early-warning that finds a place for inside the car, the taxi attempers after the station is undertaking locking up deciding to car seat, use hold remotely control a system, undertake to car oil cuts off the power immediately processing, du Shi teach takes the chance to run away. Because the dynamical system of car has broken down, because this gangster also cannot drive car, final choice is pedestrian escape.

Be in same day, another taxi driver is done not have so lucky. Did not find a place for as a result of car GPS early warning system, king master is killed by disaster car gangster, the taxi is forsaken in brook.

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After the improvement that passes a technology, use at the GPS system that fixed position serves originally, also can change make become car to be held remotely control a system, this will strengthen the management to car and safe safeguard greatly. In the meantime, GPS location system is in civil the advantage in how be being prevented, also coming out now in the body of little.

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