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India gives a safe railway station to use technology of GPS fixed position to pr
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The Indian likes to take the train to go out row, but a lot of places return the hardware establishment of the station very much to be like person meaning, for instance the clock of each stations cannot be united completely, the person on the train that often lets advance feels puzzle. Prepare to equip generally in the station recently according to calling India railroad bureau a kind of clock, the buy inside its GPS technology, make time completely unified.

The people that Indian station awaits

At the appointed time the horological exterior of railway station of Indian whole nation is unified, want a little bit small than existing clock dimension. The official of railroad bureau says: "The time between the station is skimble-scamble once caused a lot of troubles to us, accordingly we use GPS clock, make this problem gets complete settlement. Make this problem gets complete settlement..

To increase visibility, still used LED material to pledge in great quantities on this kind of clock, can see quiet time in order to assure in 100 meters of above. The company that light is in charge of making these LED includes two Japan and company of an United States.

Complete India has more than 7300 railway stations, every station has two platform at least, accordingly this is a huge project really. The cost of every GPS clock exceeds 20000 rupee.

Additional, indian railroad bureau is having a plan that is called SIMRAN, come to those who avoid railroad have an appearance. This plans even if use GPS to locate the current position of the train, monitoring speed per hour and ongoing direction.

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