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GPS of Suzhou bus installation is entered " intelligence is public transportatio
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The reporter is in know 11 days from management of Suzhou city passenger transport, to the end of September, 2700 buses of Suzhou city will install mount GPS system entirely, suzhou will be entered " intelligence is public transportation times " .

On 1 buses that had packed good GPS, the data information such as the moving position of car, direction, speed was recorded on indication screen, and have directional communicate function. In car load and the doorway of next guests, each device a special footplate. This is tally, in order to is calculated every bus load, number leaving a settle or live in a strange place. After these car run concerned information to deliver rear management center, public transportation company can attemper in time according to feedback information, improve efficiency of have enough to meet need, contented citizen follows class, bit more accurate demand to the bus. In addition, of GPS system " clairvoyance " the function also is supervising driver safety to drive.

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