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Chinese GPS technology will obtain major breakthrough
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Cover according to Hong Kong media, china is emphasizing development at present system of 3 big satellites, concerned respect personage expresses, in global location system (GPS) respect, will obtain major breakthrough.
The spaceflight career of   China had reached the dimensions that comparative and level. Already emphasized fixed position of navigation of satellite of development remote sensing, satellite, Telstar certainly at present system of 3 big satellites. Manned spaceflight, space explores a respect to want to quicken pace. In respect of remote sensing satellite, china blasted off first 1975, successful new generation is developed to return satellite of type remote sensing at the beginning of 90 time, already had a success nearly 20 times to reclaim up to now. The action of remote sensing satellite basically is pair of ground observation. Be worth what carry is, the earth station of remote sensing satellite that China builds already became the data center of a variety of round-the-clock, whole climate, close real time, resolution, and have the data of remote sensing of satellite of earthly natural resources of world advanced level produce a system, can receive American terrestrial satellite - 5 / 7, Europe empty bureau ERSI / 2, in cling to resource wait for 9 satellites data one number, data receives limits to cover our country terrestrial territory 80% to 95% , the user pervades 30 province, city of national ministries and commissions and whole nation, municipality.

  is in Telstar respect, china launched the first proper motion to develop earthly synchronism Telstar from Xi Changcheng result 1984 - satellite of date of Oriental river Ye, launch the earth for many times later dormant orbit Telstar, launch Telstar of high capacity synchronism 94 years - east is red 3 satellites, settled the need of information of all sorts of imitate such as our country's many TV, broadcast, phone, cable, data, fax and digital news report. In respect of system of satellitic navigation location, also gain quite great success.

System of location of   whole world (GPS) , apply extensively already now at civil with martial domain. In visible civil respect, arrive from plane navigation of cab attemper device, can see the application of GPS. 50 years monitoring of car of square team of National Day parade led our country last year, seventeen pedestrian square team, 25 car square line can suffer smoothly read, also concern with GPS.

  GPS has the branch of high accuracy and low precision. High accuracy GPS is applied at martial side more, wait for a respect like control and guide, fire, navigation, make the equipment with modern high-tech indispensable war. Chairman of joint meeting of the chief of staff before the U.S. Army ever had said: "If do not have the support of GPS system, the U.S. Army fights even even cannot get victory, more do not talk to go up dozen win a battle. More do not talk to go up dozen win a battle..
  develops GPS field, already made a of career of our country spaceflight main task. Through old effort, had obtained very great progress, concerned respect personage expresses, there will be major breakthrough recently.
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