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GPS applies mediumly in modern liaison man
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System of global satellite location (GPS) it is an U.S. Army locate in navigation of satellite of " meridian instrument the development on " technology rises at the beginning of 70 time have sex of global, all-round (terrestrial, marine, aviation and spaceflight) , the navigation fixed position of round-the-clock advantage, time, survey fast system, receive a system by supervisory system of dimensional satellite system, ground, user 3 big subsystem are formed, wide already application is mixed at the military affairs civil wait for numerous domain. In the developed country, GPS technology has begun to apply at traffic is carried and in civil engineer. Current, our country already also began to start in the application of this respect.

GPS is in the application in civil engineer in civil engineer, GPS basically is used at building all sorts of civil engineer to control a net to reach to determine at present the dot accuses to wait outside aerial survey. The rapid development of advanced course highway raised taller requirement to survey technology, because circuit is long, bit more foregone little, accordingly, measure a method with convention not only cloth net is difficult, and the requirement that satisfies high accuracy hard. Current, home already technology of phase in GPS builds high accuracy of circuit chopped-off head to control a network. Carry out a proof, inside limits of a few kilometers nod an error to have 2cm left and right sides only, achieved the precision that groovy method realizes hard, time limit for a project shifted to an earlier date greatly in the meantime. The control that GPS technology uses at especially big bridge likewise is measured in. Because need not be connected,inspect, can make more powerful net body, rise nod a precision, the fulcrum that to detecting at the same time convention measures is very effective also. If be in the construction of big bridge of river shade the Yangtse River, built network of horn of high accuracy edge with groovy method above all, used GPS to undertake detecting to this net next, GPS detects the net achieved millimeter class precision, it is better to be accorded with with the comparison of groovy precision net.

GPS technology still is measured in channel in have wide applied perspective, its are measured need not connect inspect, reduced the intermediate segment of groovy method, accordingly, speed fast, precision is tall, have apparent economy and social beneficial result.

The data that needs minute of dynamic GPS to basically apply at digital ground model in road survey respect is collected, of reference point add lofting of close, central line, vertical section to measure and need not outside the respect such as the airborne GPS aerial survey that charges a point. GPS measures a bag to contain three-dimensional information, the data that can be used at digital ground model is collected, central line lofting and vertical section are measured. In lofting of position of central line plane while, can obtain vertical section, real time needs to transmit the data of fiducial station to mobile station by data catenary in central line lofting, provide the real time place of mobile station thereby. Because altazimuth of GPS instrument unlike can indicate direction in that way, accordingly, need to be united in wedlock with CAD system photograph, can see on computer screen thereby at present the difference between the position and design coordinate.
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