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North fights the 5 large dominant positions of GPS of United States of navigatio
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This year on May 25, our country the 3rd " north fights " the satellite launchs a success, on June 1, of our country own research and development " north fights operation to serve platform " debut formally, this mark is worn our country had owned completely own satellite navigation system, north fights navigation to locate large-scale application of the system entered materiality phase.

Why should our country build own satellite navigation system? With global location system (GPS) photograph comparing, does north fight a system what to advantage and inferior position there are? Market prospect how? The reporter interviewed the Big Dipper to connect glad of Zhouru of president of company of satellitic navigation technology a few days ago.

China must have own navigation system

Satellitic navigation technology causes people to pay close attention to is from what begin after thalassic 1991 war, the United States is in one of thalassic war " one's trump card " it is GPS. Zhou Ruxin introduces, as GPS to civil and open, the tremendous business chance of its place contain is disentombed to come out.

GPS is used at the navigation fixed position of missile, airship not only, use more extensively at navigation of plane, car, marine to locate, public security, bank, medical treatment, fire control build monitoring with it, call the police, rescuing system, the enterprise builds modern other people to shed administrative system with it, exploration of investigation of agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, resource, physics, telecommunication cannot leave navigation to locate, change as the compositive miniature of satellitic navigation receiver especially, appear communication of all sorts of be in harmony, computer, GPS the individual information terminal at an organic whole, make satellitic navigation technology moves toward masses application from major application, the IT after becoming afterwards communication, Internet the 3rd new point of growth.

Satellitic navigation technology is the main component of national comprehensive national power. because such, the United States, Russia, European Union nots hesitate investment is huge endowment construction satellite navigation system.

North fights the 5 large dominant positions of navigation system

Last a period of time of American GPS system 16 years, cost 12 billion dollar, by net of 24 satellites group, does Chinese north fight a system to you can contend to it? Does north fight a system what to field you can use?  

Calm of week scholar glad bear, american GPS is global location system, the technology is more advanced than us; North fights a system is the system of location of regional satellite navigation that we build with very few investment. But, ought to say north fought a system to solve our country to have the problem that does not have own navigation system not only, locate with other navigation the system is compared at the same time, it has distinct advantage and wide applied perspective, have huge economy and social value.
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