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GPS applies mediumly in system of public security, traffic
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1. overview

Build the amplification of dimensions as our country city, car increasingly grow in quantity, the management that traffic carries and reasonable attemper, alarm one of already making system of public security, traffic with the direct of car and safety administration serious problem. In the past, the device that is used at traffic management system basically is radio communication equipment, by attemper the center gives out tone to spend a command to car driver, the driver can speak car to be in according to his judgement only probably the position, and be in not close region or in nightly the trend that cannot confirm oneself is stray even. Accordingly, from attemper management and safety administration field, its application is restricted. The navigation fixed position that GPS locates technical occurrence gives the vehicle such as car, ship was offerred specific real time position ability. Carry GPS receiver to make the driver can know his specific place at any time through the car. Carry broadcasting station to locate GPS information is sent through the car attemper command center, attemper the specific position that commands a center to be able to master each car in time, show on map of big screen electron come. Current, those who use at system of public security, traffic is main have: Car GPS fixed position and the director that photograph of wireless communication system joins run a system; The lead that uses GPS to need minute of technology runs a system. The working principle that system of these two kinds of management introduces below and equipment are formed.

Fixed position of 2. car GPS runs a system

System of management of car GPS fixed position basically is carry GPS to locate independently by the car, combine wireless communication system to undertake attempering manage and dogging to car. Had developed a success like car whole world fixed position calls the police system, alarm wait with GPS command system. Use at urban bus to attemper respectively management, boat of car of scenery travel division calls the police with attemper, custom, public security, sea is prevented wait for a branch to be opposite of car boat attemper with monitoring.
The main function of monitoring center part has:

Data dogs function. The real time position of will mobile car is shown with the means of chastity list come. The date that be like a car, longitude, speed, course, time, date.

The function dogs on the graph. The fixed position information of will mobile car is in corresponding electronic ground (the sea) on graph setting compound show come. Electronic ground (the sea) the graph can magnify arbitrarily, contractible, reductive, switch. Have receive normally with call-over at will receive two kinds to receive kind. Still can provide the choice function that whether wants car to run orbit.
Imitate displays a function. Will foregone target position information inputs the computer and can show come.

Decision-making direct function. Decision-making direct command has communication with communication means and mobile car. Communication means can use text, code or speech to wait, implementation attempers direct.
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