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GPS technology is moved toward from for military use civil
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GPS technology is multi-purpose before go up at the military affairs, basically use Yu Liu, sea, empty navigation, nod bomb and carrier-borne missile control and guide surely. This technology fears instead in thalassic war and near future vast power was produced in the war.

After thalassic war, GPS uses the application of the domain and research to obtain rapid development in beautiful countryman, already involved map of navigation of personnel lifesaving, traffic, scale, fire to dog at present, a lot of respect such as seismic monitoring. On agriculture, the United States is in two farms of the Minnesota 8 years ago undertake essence of life follows agrotechnical trial, the yield that use GPS coachs the crop of fertilization balances fertilization than the tradition rises 30 % left and right sides, economic benefits rises greatly. Of course, daily life contacts GPS and people to be returned at most is traffic guiding system, the application that goes up in car, ship, train, plane especially gains ground quickly. Device can make in the GPS system in the car the driver finds his place not only, still can demonstrate direction. The person that drive should show to destination name is inputted on screen in GPS only, the car can choose optimal route automatically, keep away from traffic jam a section of a highway, if affection of be in danger still can warn a driver in time. Because bulk is small, low-cost, at present installation GPS already made a kind of fashionable choice of American car consumer. In addition, mountain-climbing, aviation, measure the product of of all kinds and small-sized GPS that waits for respect application to already also entered the market in a large-scale, raised people to have the security of these field motion greatly. Expert estimation, as the development of research and development, GPS technology lives daily in people medium applied perspective will be very wide.

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