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GPS technology reachs the application that its get on in agriculture
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1 foreword

GPS is the abbreviate of English NavigationSatelliteTimingandRanging/GlobalPositioningSystem, meaning when undertaking measuring to use satellitic navigation, mix range finding, in order to make system of global satellite location. From 1973 American army approval establishs associated plan bureau to begin the research of GPS to work to 1993 systematic building, this project last a period of time 20 years, cost 30 billion dollar, become afterwards Apollo to ascend month of plan and the 3rd after space shuttle plans giant vacuum to plan. It from go up at all solved the mankind to be in tellurian navigation and fixed position problem, wide application received in the domain such as military affairs and industry and agriculture. Brought tremendous change to navigation and fixed position technology. Same, GPS technology is investigated in land natural resources, land erodes investigation, crop estimate the yield and monitor, calamity is monitored with evaluate wait for a respect to getting applied, will from the whole process that for agriculture the service develops to participate in agriculture to produce directly, drive the informatization that realizes agricultural production.

2GPS fundamental

GPS basically includes 3 much:

(1) GPS satellite (dimensional part)

(2) the ground supports a system (ground monitoring part)

(3) GPS receiver (user part)

Below try simply to introduce:

2.1GPS satellite

Final GPS plan is by 21 working satellite mixes 3 to reserve in course satellitic composition. On the 6 orbit plane that the satellite distributings to become 60 ° in each other, orbit dip is 55 ° . Such satellitic configuration basically assured to be in the earth any positions all can at the same time observation arrives 4 satellites. Moving orbit of the satellite shows a circle, long axle shaft is 26560KM, dip angle is 64 ° , orbit height makes an appointment with 20000KM. The satellite weighs 774Kg, main body submits column form, the diameter is 1.5M, celestial or heavenly body two side are opposite of two Shuang Xie sail of day of directional solar battery board, full-length 5.33M, accept solar area 7.2 square metre, in order to assure the power supply that the satellite works normally.

2.2 grounds support a system

In navigation fixed position, must know satellitic place above all. And the position comes out by computation of satellitic star all previous, the ground system that prop up is measured and calculate the astral all previous of every satellite, the editor sends a satellite into text, broadcast in real time by the satellite again user. This is the broadcast star experience that the satellite provides. The ground of working satellite props up a system to include 1 advocate accuse 3 group, infuse to stand to monitor a station with 5. If pursue,1 is shown.

The main task of the station that monitor is right every satellite has observation, and to advocate accuse a station to provide observation data. Every station that monitor deserves to have GPS receiver, send toward to every observation data advocate control a station.
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