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Satellitic little data
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Reconnaissance satellite

An orbit height is in 4, the reconnaissance satellite of 000 kilometers height, can observe the area of kilometer of 100 million square at the same time, namely if the 10%; of earthly surface is highly 16, 000 kilometers, with respect to 30% what can cover earthly face. Besides can surveillant outside very wide area, the satellite still can observe for many times same an area, discover the fluctuant information of army or weaponry.

Office of American country scout (NRO) costs what billions of dollar develops to be aimed at in cold war period China the lacrosse that make an appointment with (Lacrosse) radar is become like satellitic system. Current, lacrosse radar is opposite south alliance fights medium use circumstance and design at the outset almost just the same---Before the target of the silvan area that to dropping cliff rises and fall has charge, scout and evaluate after blow. And fall in harsh climate, general visible light and infra-red cannot undertake filming into the satellite that resembles a system.

Two Losk Heed - 15 tons of when Martin company makes heavy radar are become fly everyday like the satellite Vietnam alliance or Kosovo target area two, the strabismus that its carry is become can leave bit of thing to the star like equipment two side area is become picture. Radar is 0.3-1 rice into the resolution that resembles a satellite, make its can round-the-clock Hou Jin hits the effect to evaluate all right. These satellites still are had identify ground armed forces and Sam - the ability of system of 6 mobile and ground-to-air missile, although these targets concealment,be in silvan area, also can be discovered.

When weather is sunny, office of American country scout (visible light of additionally 3 of NRO) advanced KH-11 is become can provide the visible light with more traditional, higher resolution and infra-red picture like reconnaissance satellite, make more accurate assessment to bomb damage. Although of KH-11 satellite into cannot penetrate like camera arboreous branches and leaves is become picture, the wave band outside Dan Jigong can be become in the night with weather good fine picture, every satellite flies across eye border area one day twice, can be opposite two side area becomes flight contrail thing picture. Besides, what still have office of scout of a lot of countries is small-sized into also participated in this action like the satellite.

Navigation satellite

GPS defends galaxy interconnected system, , full name is NavigationSatelliteTimingAndRanging/GlobalPositionSystem, namely " navigation of the range finding when the satellite is measured / global location system " , abbreviation GPS system. It is American afterwards Apollo the airship that enter a month, space shuttle is the following project of the 3rd large spaceflight. Develop on the foundation of navigation system of meridian instrument satellite and GPS system is become. It from this century 70 time begin to develop, last a period of time 20 years, cost 20 billion dollar, 1994
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